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A.   Explanation
Hypertention is on situation where the blood presure of some one is not normal. The normal blood pressure is one hundred twenty per eight.
B.   Causes
The causes of hypertention sindrom is not know yet but generally it is causes is caused by consuming salt to much.
C.    Risk Factors
1.       age
Hypertention pressure can be occured on everyone with any age especially someone age above 50 years.
2.       gender
In general high blood pressure is more by happened in women this occurs due to emotionla factors.
3.       descent
Hypertention pressure can occur in people who have high blood lineage, the family had a history of high blood pressure will be doubled risk suffering the same disease.
4.       Smoke
Hazardouse chemical contained in ciggaretts can damage the endothelial cells, blood vessels that chause blood presure to rise
5.       Food
       food high in saturated fat and cholesterol is very triggers increasedblood pressure, brain, kidneys (internal organs), jam, butters and margarins
6.       Psychological
       stress is a person respon to something that causes, stress is volving all body systems, the hearth and blood vessels so  thatcaused improvment blood pressure
7.       obesity
Obesity is animbalance between laloric intake with energy needs are stored as fat deposition will incerease hipertension.
8.       factor salt intake
the peoples who cosume high salt then to suffer hipertension
9.       alkohol
aklohol alcohol if consumed will cause cogulasion  that will enbance the work of the heart to work  and incersed.
10.   phisical activity of the body
11.   lifestyle
D.   Sign symptom
High blood pressure symptoms arise what when there has been a complication in the organs of eye, kidney, heart and brain .
Some sufferers may experience headache, dizziness, weakness, shortness of breath and anxiety .
E.    complication
1. Damage to blood vessels.
2. stroke
3. enlargement and heart failure
4. clonic renal failure
F.    Therapy
a.    Non pharmacologic
1. Weight control
2. Avoid smoking
3. Control blood sugar
4. Increase physical activity
5. Adequate rest
b.    Pharmacologic
1. Diuretic drugs

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